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Holding Hands


SCS Maine believes in the inherent worth and dignity of all people and offers non-judgemental support in our encounters. Chaplains provide respect, loving-kindness, and honesty to people dealing with stress, fear, health issues, and other challenges. We work as a part of integrated teams with other organizations to ensure holistic care for those we serve.


The vision of SCS Maine is that everyone and anyone who needs our help will find compassion, comfort, assistance, and hope.


Our chaplains have had advanced religious or spiritual training and a unit of clinical pastoral education (CPE). CPE is an interfaith educational experience, open to people of all faiths and traditions that uses an action-reflection-action instructional method and supervised practice in realworld settings to prepare clergy and spiritual care practitioners to provide professional spiritual care.


We address human suffering by meeting people where they are and accompanying them wherever they are on life's journey.

What We've Done

  • Since our inception in 2021, we've participated in a referral system that connects us to people who suffered from isolation as a result of a Covid diagnosis. Under contract with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), we have provided over 1,100 remote visits to people all over the State of Maine.

  • Partnering with State and Community-based Organizations, we have developed and presented training about spiritual tools, moral resilience, and Covid impact in faith communities to over 100 people.

  • We have served a senior living community by providing spiritual programming to people with various cognitive abilities. We have also supported care providers and staff at senior living facilities.

  • We participate and consult with a resilience task force with the State of Maine Emergency Management Services. 

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